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Movement Made Easy Titanium Peg SystemOur titanium PK Motility/Support Peg System™ makes pegging the Bio-eye™ Hydroxyapatite Orbital Implant faster and easier than ever.

Now you can deliver all available movement directly to the eye without the need for power drilling.

Simply drive the Threaded Sleeve directly into a pilot hole to provide the most flexible, advanced pegging options available. Use the Ball-Headed Peg for a traditional ball-and-socket coupling, or use the Locking-Socket Peg for maximum support of the weight of the artificial eye and retention during extreme gaze.

Unique break-off points on the shaft of the new Locking- Socket Peg allow easy fitting for the best cosmetic result.

Slides of Titanium Peg System

easy to fit
no drill required
less invasive
strong & light
less surface area