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Chapter 11 "The Active Life"

If anyone doubts the ability of people who have lost an eye to participate in a full and physically challenging life, Mr. Brady offers the following examples.

"Anyone who feels that the loss of an eye marks the end of taking part in sports activities should consider the case of Sue Moran, radio and TV personality, fashion model, committee woman, and mother of six. Mrs. Moran's 10-year bout with a corneal inflammation ended with the loss of her right eye.... Among the things Mrs. Moran enjoys is riding in such competitions as the International Horse Show in Washington, where she has won a reputation for her skill in the vanishing art of riding sidesaddle. She also enjoys fox hunting, beagling, swimming, skiing, and bird watching--all sports that make heavy demands on visual perception and judgment." (pg. 69)

"Because the speeds involved demand lightning judgments, skiing would seem to require the ultimate in visual perception. Yet ski-jumper Jerry Martin from Minnesota has proved that top-level, competitive skiing is really possible with one eye.
Martin lost the sight in his right eye in September 1971, when a nail he was pounding into brick bounced back and struck his cornea. Although he expects eventually to regain normal sight with a transplant and a contact lens, he has done some amazing things in the meantime. Six weeks after his injury, he was jumping again. And he was doing it so well that by January 1972 he won the tryouts for the US. Olympic team with a leap of 318 feet." (pg. 70)

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