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Chapter 3 "Jolts of Reality"

Mr. Brady's first steps out into the world were difficult.

"Outside the hospital, I hailed a cab and stepped off the sidewalk as it approached. Underestimating the height of the curb, I jolted forward and nearly ended up under the taxi's wheels." (pg. 7)

Two days after leaving the hospital, however, and with the encouragement of friends, he was back behind the wheel of his own car.

"Nevertheless, I ended the first drive with the certainty that this was one activity I wouldn't have to give up, for at no time had I felt that I was driving in an unsafe manner. Any loss of visual perception was more than offset by the enforced--and often excruciating--increase in alertness." (pg. 9)

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Chapter 1 Unhappy Landings
Chapter 2 Awkward Takeoff
Chapter 3 Jolts of Reality
Chapter 4 Flying High
Chapter 5 How About You?
Chapter 6 Seeing in 3-D
Chapter 7 What's Changed
Chapter 8 Getting Back to 3-D
Chapter 9 Pitfalls and Booby Traps
Chapter 10 In the Driver's Seat
Chapter 11 The Active Life
Chapter 12 Gimmicks and Gadgets--Let Technology Help
Chapter 13 Keeping the Good Eye Good
Chapter 14 Seeing to Your Looks
Chapter 15 Driver and Pilot Licensing Standards
Chapter 16 For Parents Only
Chapter 17 Senior Class
Chapter 18 Great Company