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Chapter 9 "Pitfalls and Booby Traps"

Mr. Brady suggests specific tricks for specific real-world situations.

"To perform this simple act [of shaking hands] with complete confidence, simply move your hand in a direct line toward the hand you wish to shake--and keep on moving until you connect. The technique, of course, is equally useful in reaching for a doorknob, a hanger in a closet, a book in a bookcase, or a glass of water on a table." (pg. 49)

Curbs present a particular challenge to those with vision in only one eye, and Mr. Brady shows how to apply his earlier techniques to manage this everyday obstacle.

"As you approach the street, keep your eye on the edge of the curb so you can observe its relative movement against the background of the street's surface. The higher the curb, the faster will this relative motion appear and the more street paving will it bring into view. Your brain will have no trouble at all computing these factors, along with your walking speed, and will send you a message telling you just how deep a step to take when you hit the street." (pg. 56)

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Chapter 1 Unhappy Landings
Chapter 2 Awkward Takeoff
Chapter 3 Jolts of Reality
Chapter 4 Flying High
Chapter 5 How About You?
Chapter 6 Seeing in 3-D
Chapter 7 What's Changed
Chapter 8 Getting Back to 3-D
Chapter 9 Pitfalls and Booby Traps
Chapter 10 In the Driver's Seat
Chapter 11 The Active Life
Chapter 12 Gimmicks and Gadgets--Let Technology Help
Chapter 13 Keeping the Good Eye Good
Chapter 14 Seeing to Your Looks
Chapter 15 Driver and Pilot Licensing Standards
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