Bio-eye® Hydroxyapatite (HA) Orbital Implants

Change and movement

When our bodies change in some way, due to injury or disease, we are understandably concerned about how our lives may be affected. This is especially true of changes that involve some part of the face, such as the eyes.

Until recently, those facing the loss of an eye had little hope of recovering the natural movement of the normal eye. Most of us know someone who has an artificial eye that lacks movement or a natural appearance.

Today, thanks to remarkable advances in orbital implants, the loss of an eye no longer means the loss of a natural appearance.

Many thousands of people have already benefited from a medical breakthrough that can create a more natural-looking artificial eye. In fact, you may have met one of these people, unaware that they had an artificial eye.


Orbital implants and artificial eyes

Download PDF version of Patient Education Brochure: Enucleation & Evisceration – for those facing the loss of an eye.

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